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Anemia May Derail Penis Function

A male’s penis feature is crucial for satisfaction of sexual activities. Occasionally anemia can have a negative effect on this feature, requiring treatment.

Four Reasons to Take Discolored Penile Skin Very Seriously

It’s simple for a guy to disregard an oddish color on his Johnson as just a small point that will disappear. Nonetheless, stained penile skin is absolutely nothing to brush off.

Scary Looking Penis Bumps Might Be Lichen Planus

Penis bumps are typically undesirable, yet occasionally inevitable. Male with good hygiene methods may still obtain penis bumps from something known as lichen planus.

Ladies, Do You Know Your Penis Facts?

Ladies, who obviously do not have a penis, might not recognize some fundamental penis realities. Learning about the organ can be practical in understand how both it and also its owner work.

A Penis Diary Can Aid Penis Care

Proper penis care is essential for a guy to preserve a healthy penis throughout his life. Maintaining a normal penis journal can be handy hereof.

Include Vitamin B5 in Your Healthy Penis Regimen

A healthy and balanced penis is an exceptional goal for any kind of man and also well worth the initiative it requires to accomplish it. Be sure to include an enough amount of vitamin B5 in your initiatives.

Penile Nerve Damage Recovery: Finding a Way Back to Penis Sensitivity

A whole lot of males do not stress over penile nerve damage till they are older, when it affects sex-related function. Nevertheless, avoidance should begin when a male is young. If it’s currently an issue, let’s speak regarding all the options for penile nerve damages recovery.

Can Neurofibromas Cause Penis Bumps?

When a guy feels his penis and discovers penis bumps that had actually not been there previously, he should make note of them. In many cases, they might be neurofibromas.

Erectile Dysfunction and Marijuana: What Every Man Needs to Know

With so numerous states legalizing marijuana, a male needs to understand if it can cause penis issues like erectile disorder. Continue reading to discover what science states.

Red Penis From Hives: What to Do

When a red penis is caused by the existence of hives, a man might understandably panic a little bit. Yet hives, while a problem and unappealing, are treatable as well as not considered severe.

Is Air Pollution a Penis Health Problem?

Air pollution is a major worldwide wellness concern, yet evidence from recent researches progressively suggests that it is likewise specifically a growing penis health concern. Ecological issues are a major problem for everybody in the world, as our lives depend upon keeping a comfortable atmosphere.

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