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Docking 101: Possible Penis Health Concerns

When taking part in new sexual experiences, maintaining an eye on penis wellness is vital. This additionally relates to the technique of docking, in which one male’s foreskin incorporates a companion’s glans.

Some Reasons for an Itchy Penis and How to Fix It

There’s nothing even more frustrating than an itchy penis, other than maybe for trying to pinpoint what’s creating it. Keep reading to get more information about what may be creating that penis itching.

Some Ways to Delay Ejaculation for Longer Sex Sessions

Is playtime over as quickly as it starts? It does not have to be! Have a look at these 7 ways to delay ejaculation so you can sex it up longer.

Uncommon Penis Problems: Spontaneous Ejaculation

Typically speaking, maintaining a mindful eye on one’s penis health and wellness helps avoid many prospective penis problems. But in some cases penis health problems pop up despite mindful as well as close monitoring. Among the less usual penis problems a guy may come across is that of the spontaneous ejaculation(SE).

Common PFCs May Affect Male Organ Size

The last thing a man intends to bother with when he disrobes is his male organ size. Now it turns out that exposure to PFCs may impact male organ size.

“Chicken Skin” Penis Bumps? No, It’s Keratosis Pilaris

When penis bumps are an attribute of a guy’s tools, it makes jumping right into bed a hard sell. That uses even when the cause is safe, like keratosis pilaris.

Masturbation One-On-One: Letting a Partner Watch

As all recognize, self pleasure is generally taken a task best undertaken when all alone and aside. Yet masturbating in front of a partner can have benefits.

Some New Year’s Resolutions for Better Penis Health

The new year is rapidly coming close to – and also with it the need to make significant resolutions. And what could be extra purposeful than boosting one’s penis health?

Restless Legs Syndrome Could Impact Penis Function

There’s absolutely nothing to make a guy seem like a whole brand-new male than a truly great evening’s sleep. Regrettably, there can be various problems which obstruct of accomplishing that good night’s sleep, such as troubled legs syndrome. However in many cases, not only can troubled legs syndrome hinder rest, it can end up being a penis wellness problem also by potentially affecting good penis function.

Maintaining Penis Sensitivity After Vigorous Sexual Activity

Penis level of sensitivity is of miraculous value, especially when a man is enjoying sex regularly. Staying clear of penis chafing can aid maintain sensitivity.

10 Triggers for Penis Irritation and How to Calm the Savage Beast

Penis inflammation can trigger a breakout, swelling, and a great deal of pain in a fragile place. Keep reading to discover what sets off to look out for and exactly how to avoid aggravated penis skin in the future.

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