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Sometimes Penis Pain May Suggest Reiter’s Syndrome

Penis pain can be brought on by several elements, but it can likewise be an indication of various other concerns. One such condition is called Reiter’s syndrome.

Some Masturbation Tips for Men

Sometimes, vanity can be a snooze. What’s a guy to do? Modification it up! Keep reading for eight masturbation suggestions for putting more sizzle right into self-pleasure.

Penis Power Foods: Five Foods for Fertility

Having problem with fertility? Start including these penis power foods into your day-to-day diet for incredibly sperm and great deals of sex drive.

Penis Protection: Condoms Are Still Needed

There are numerous things that a male have to do to exercise correct penis protection and keep his devices in the best feasible functioning order. Putting on condoms when making love is still among them.

Maintaining a Healthy Penis at College

Since university is back in session, loads of men are experiencing a new lifestyle. But a brand-new way of living still needs to include prepare for maintaining a healthy penis.

Can Frequent Male Ejaculation Really Prevent Prostate Cancer? A Look at the Facts

There is some scientific evidence that frequent male climaxing can prevent prostate cancer, however is it as particular as it seems? Let’s have a look at the truths bordering that well known study.

Inflatable Sex Toys: A Few Things to Know

Using sex playthings is a fantastic way to expand one’s horizons sexually. Nowadays, there are also a variety of blow up alternatives readily available for one’s satisfaction as well as home entertainment.

Dry Skin on the Penis? Here Are Six Potential Causes

Penile skin sensation drier than the Sahara as well as don’t know why? Keep reviewing to learn 6 common reasons for dry skin on the penis.

Loss of Penis Sensitivity May Cause Delayed Ejaculation

Delayed ejaculation can be a source of severe problem for a guy as well as to his companions. Keeping penis level of sensitivity can assist avoid this unpleasant sexual issue.

Premature Ejaculation Fixes

Early climaxing can be an actual downer for a man and also his penis. Keep reading to discover just how to obtain and also maintain more powerful erections for extended playtime with lidocaine.

Penis Problems: Can Exercising Reverse Erectile Dysfunction?

Should men be participating in more sweat sessions for a much more delicate penis? There are some researchers that sure think so.

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