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Understanding the Causes of Penis Bruising

When a man has penis bruising, he could right away believe he has suffered a penis injury. Nonetheless, that’s not constantly the situation. Right here’s what might result in bruising.

Tips for Improving Penis Sensitivity

Males recognize that penis level of sensitivity is indispensable to their pleasure of all things sex, however numerous guys don’t recognize they can actually enhance penis experience. Below’s how.

Attention Cyclists: How to Avoid Erectile Dysfunction

Though biking can supply many benefits, impotence can be among the much more major troubles. Below’s what a cyclist requires to understand to safeguard himself.

Uncomfortable Penis Injury: Frenulum Breve

No sort of penis injury is preferable, as any individual who has experienced one can testify. A man with frenulum breve might experience painful cuts and also tears to the penis.

Penis Odor: Blame Thioalcohols

Sexually active males specifically recognize that penis odor can be a turn-off to a partner. Current study has shown that something called thioalcohols adds strongly to unwanted smell.

When a Head Injury Causes Penis Problems

Penis troubles can occur for lots of factors, from the psychological to the emotional to the physical. Also something as seemingly unconnected as a head injury can be a cause.

A Surprising Penis Health Issue: Gardnerella Vaginalis

Penis health can be jeopardized by a wide range of variables. One of the extra surprising ones is Gardnerella vaginalis, which is usually considered even more of a female disease.

Koro: Living in Fear of a Small Penis

Way too many men live in worry of having a tiny penis, when ability and also penis health and wellness are far a lot more important. Koro refers to an illogical belief that one’s penis is reducing.

Penis Health Primer: Signs of a Latex Allergy

When a male has a latex allergic reaction, it can vary from mild to severe. Here’s what a guy needs to recognize to maintain a healthy and balanced penis with a latex allergic reaction.

The Pros and Cons of Having a Vasectomy

Several men watch vasectomy as a penis injury as well as thus, pick to prevent it. But there are pros as well as cons to vasectomy, and some males could locate it is best for them.

Hypersensitivity: What to Do About Too Much Penis Sensation

In the pursuit for more penis sensation, some men must take care what they want. Hypersensitivity can be as much a hindrance to a good sex life as absence of experience can be.

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