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Protecting Penis Health: Can a Concussion Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Concussions aren’t simply negative for the head on a guy’s shoulders, they also could be negative for the one below the belt. Keep reading to find out more concerning just how penis health and wellness can be influenced as a result of a blast.

Masturbating 101: Is It Necessary to Wash Your Hands Before and After You Masturbate?

Should a male wash his hands before and also after masturbating? Continue reading to discover.

Omorashi Increases Penis Rash Risk

It’s definitely real that the series of sex-related experiences a person might explore is vast certainly which there are several kinks or fetishes that may appear odd or uncommon to many individuals but are busily preferred by a few other. Some proclivities, such as those for feet and/or footwear, are widely recognized, but others are much less so. For instance, many people are most likely not acquainted with omorashi, which is a fetish in which a person takes pleasure in “wetting” themselves, that is, an individual takes pleasure in urinating in their pants and/or underwear.

Lasting Longer May Lead to Better Sex

It’s the uncommon male who wouldn’t such as to last much longer – at the very least a bit longer – in bed to please his friend. Finding this far better sex technique may take initiative.

A Bent Penis Can Impact Sex Life

“Wow!” That’s the ideal feedback when a guy offers his upright penis to a companion for the very first time, together with such choices as “Yes!” as well as “Nice!

Penis Protection: Know Your Enemies

If a man wishes to practice proper penis protection, it pays to recognize his adversaries – what he is safeguarding the penis from. Typically it might be one of the common sexually transferred infections.

Gym Rats, Beware of Jock Itch

Fitness center fans do a tremendous job of maintaining their bodies in great physical shape. But investing all that time at the health club might raise their opportunities of getting a bit of jock impulse.

In Defense of a Small Penis

Men that occur to have what could be taken into consideration a little penis are usually subject to disparagement that is baseless. There are numerous points to be said in protection of a tiny penis.

Psoriasis and Penis Care: What Men Must Know

When a male struggles with psoriasis, the problem might affect his penis. Some all-natural remedies incorporated with appropriate penis care may spell alleviation.

Small Penis 101: How to Please a Partner

A guy who has a small penis could stress a large amount regarding whether his penis size will please a partner. These pointers can help make certain that he will most definitely please.

Penis Problems: Six Signs Erectile Dysfunction Might Be in Your Future

Erectile feature is a real problem for males. Below are six warnings to be on guard for to guarantee your erections maintain coming well into your twilight years.

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